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Rarly April 6, 2011  
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3.3 Rogue FAQ (If you're new-ish here, read this before posting) - Updated 2/3/10 - Elitist Jerks

^ Quick answers.

The Rogue UI: Your Silent Partner - Elitist Jerks

^Wat addon is god 4rouge?

Combat and Mutilate Spreadsheets (Obsolete as of 4.0.x) - Elitist Jerks

^What gems? Use the spreadsheet.


^Quick advice on ratings, specs, what to gear (I would use the spreadsheet for that, though)

thx for not reading this and still posting threads asking about what you should do.

ps: I didn't do any of this, I just checked out google. All credit goes to EJ.

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Ricks April 6, 2011  
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the list is good but the sad thing is 90% of the people who ask for random stuff didnt even bother looking at the threads

usually there are atleast 3 that answer the question already >_>

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Mibugu April 6, 2011  
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Posted by Big7hunder View Post
I've always wanted to use spreadsheets but I don't have Excel or anything that will run them. >_> And I don't care to go out and buy them just to play WoW better, lol.
Get openoffice

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tintin April 12, 2011  
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Thanks very much for the links. It's very useful info for pve.

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KittensForSale April 13, 2011  
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All the retail theory crafting is pff over here.

Proof: You have guys here in like 6k pve gear doing more dps than was possible at full icc hc gear in retail.

However the basics for rogue here are:

Play assasination. (sub is junk for pve, especially here, combat needs lots and lots of arm pen to be viable)

Use a 1.4 speed off hand with deadly poison and 1.8 speed main hand with instant poison.

Spec 51/13/7 (google it) when you're geared it might be worth switching to 51/18/2 for fully buffed raiding.

Start stealthed (OVERKILL BUFF.. and restealth whenever possible)

If other guy bleeds target first get hfb up while stealthed and waiting for tank to get a good threat head start.

Start with garrote, snd (destealth mutilate snd is not better, you waste energy and cp, you take longer to get up to full speed dpsing with envenom buff due to that energy waste)

If you have to bleed the target open garrote, hfb, now pool energy for a moment (to make sure you can mut mut envenom before your low timer snd ends) snd, and start mutilate envenom spam.

Vanish as soon as overkill drops off you and situation depending de-stealth from vanish or garrote (in 5mans and situations where no one else is bleeding target you probably want to keep the vanish for vanish garotte to re-up hfb)

Envenom at 4 or 5cp, whichever you get first.

Cold blood on first 5cp 5dp stack envenom.

Pool energy before envenoming if you are not about to energy cap and envenom buff is still up.

Keep hfb up.

Use vanish and cold blood in a similar way again when cds end.

If you must get a bleed on target to get hfb up and have no vanish to garrote with, then the 1cp your finisher sometimes provides is an ideal opportunity to do a short rupture->hfb with minimal effect (sometimes no effect) on your envenom buff uptime.

Use tricks of the trade on tank only if the tank needs your threat, untill you have t10 bonus, then use tricks of the trade on tank all the time.

There's no point in tott swaping with another rogue here because the damage increase part still wasn't working last time i checked... obviously when tott damage increase works thats just what you should be doing (and if you always raid with that rogue then you should both glyph tot also)

No one can tell you what is the ideal assasination pve gemming for raid buffed situations on molten is. However it's likely to be either attack power, haste or orange attack power & haste at various points in gearing.

If you happen to pickup the gear to get 95%+ passive arp then combat would be worth a try on here

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Rarly April 13, 2011  
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Pretty sure the 1.4 Dagger should be MH'd because of DP procs from Envenom (?)

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Rarly April 13, 2011  
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Highest DPS goes MH, obviously, but if they have the same DPS 1.4 would usually go MH.

In-Depth Mutilate Cycle Analysis - Page 11 - Elitist Jerks

3.3 Rogue FAQ (If you're new-ish here, read this before posting) - Updated 2/3/10 - Elitist Jerks

I'll stick to that untill someone makes some maths for pservers.

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Rarly April 14, 2011  
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I guess, didn't really think through how the lower gear levels roll.

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lokamir2 April 15, 2011  
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Combat isn't great here since a whole lot of the main talents are broken..

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Rarly June 8, 2011  
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Posted by dragos2000psp View Post
idk what to choose from undead rogue and blood elf rogue.someone could help?
Go for the BE.

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