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spookykz December 25, 2010  
spookykz's Avatar
Thanks . Happy holidays everyone

Molten Member
regniersoul December 25, 2010  
regniersoul's Avatar
rotface gift: a nice flu
merry Christmas molten-staff !!!

Molten Member
GodXofGods December 25, 2010  
GodXofGods's Avatar
happy holidays guys!!!

Molten Member
Kobiesan December 25, 2010  
Kobiesan's Avatar
Merry christmas! And a happy new year.

of the Horde
Relaxus December 25, 2010  
Relaxus's Avatar
Merry x-mas to all guys and molten! xD
ty for the extra pts lol

Molten Member
subashish December 25, 2010  
subashish's Avatar
Merry Christmas Molten. Love you all

Molten Member
Pufferton December 25, 2010  
Pufferton's Avatar
Posted by SeoxIwleto View Post
If we didn't get VPs or Tokens, do we post a ticket or something? I'm not seeing a difference in my credits :<

Thank you all the same!

looks like you were naughty this year. Molten sees you while you're sleeping.

Molten Member
Ehlectric December 25, 2010  
Ehlectric's Avatar
Have a fantastic and merry christmas everyone!!!!

Molten Member
ScabbyFAILZ December 25, 2010  
ScabbyFAILZ's Avatar
Merry christmas everyone!!

btw , thanks for the awsome gifts!

Molten Member
hamid93 December 25, 2010  
hamid93's Avatar
Merry Cristmas....!!

Molten Member
HellThrone December 25, 2010  
HellThrone's Avatar
Hi , Marry Christmas Molten , Thx For The Gift

legendkicker December 25, 2010  
legendkicker's Avatar
how about gift in frostwolf (

Molten Member
Saime December 25, 2010  
Saime's Avatar
Merry christmas everyone!

Molten Member
MaceGoth December 25, 2010  
MaceGoth's Avatar
Merry Christmas. Thank you for the generous gifts. Look forward to another great year with you guys.

Molten Member
Spiderboom December 25, 2010  
Spiderboom's Avatar
Thank you for the gift . Merry Christmas everyone!

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