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Euphemism August 3, 2013  
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Perhaps the biggest drawback to playing on a private server is that things don't always work like they're supposed to. We understand that bugs are a popular and necessary topic of discussion, but the forums often get too cluttered with bug-related threads that, according to the forum rules, shouldn't even be there in the first place.

To help keep bug discussion on track and under control, this topic has been opened to:
  1. Request bug reports
  2. Confirm bug reports
  3. Discuss bugs

Keep in mind that this thread focuses on the Druid class only. If you wish to discuss the bugs of another class, please do so in the stickied topic of that class's board (if there is not a sticky yet, there will be).

PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING. The rules of this thread are as follows:

1. Requesting bug reports

If you do request a bug report, please provide as much information as possible about the bug along with proof; things like "totem buged plz fix" are not valid requests and will be deleted. Know what you're posting about before you post it, and have the information to back it up.

2. Confirming bug reports

We don't need a page and half of "confirmed" posts for one bug. If you see that a bug has already received enough attention, or if it's labeled as "Fixed" in the bug tracker, you do not need to comment on it. Also, if you're going to confirm a bug, please add your own proof, a more detailed explanation of how the bug is supposed to work, screenshots, or any other beneficial information. This is a discussion thread; simply posting "confirmed" may be appropriate for the bug tracker, but it isn't appropriate for the purposes of this thread.

3. Discussing bugs

You may discuss how a bug should work, how something is bugged, why you think something labeled as a bug isn't a bug, anything along those lines. You may not, under any circumstances, demand a fix or complain about bugs. To do so would be to disrespect the developers and the forums rules, and such actions are subject to infractions or bans depending on the severity of the situation.

Reminder: threads such as these are typically not allowed, but this thread (and those found in the other class sections) is an exception to that rule. All other similar threads posted outside of this one will be dealt with in accordance with the forum rules. This thread will be heavily moderated, and outdated posts (e.g. posts relating to bugs that have been fixed or dismissed) are subject to deletion to keep the thread clean.

Current bug report list (taken from the bug tracker)


Updated: 2014-06-02

Skull Bash
Dark Flight
Wild Mushrooms issues
Powershifting issues
Flight Form/Swift Flight Form
Lifebloom and Mortal Strike
Hostile Fungal Growth animation
UI panel of Wild Mushroom's
Wild Mushroom sound effect

Updated: 2014-06-02

Typhoon Issues
Wild Mushroom crit
Nature's Bounty
Balance, Starfall

Wrath of the Lich King

Updated: 2014-06-02

Feral druid hit cap
Rake initial damage
Druid T10 Balance 4P Bonus (Languish)
Frenzied Regeneration
Omen Of Clarity
Cat Refund on Miss
Lifebloom & Spellsteal
wild growth
Faerie Fire + Cyclone
Nature's Grasp -dispel stacks
Feral Druid 4p PvP Set Bonus
Living Seed proc
Player knockback effects
Nature's Grasp
Shapeshifting while Disoriented
Switching to Bear Form keeps you alive after death

Updated: 2014-06-02

Primal Fury
lifebloom/rejuvenation casts not procing most trinkets/ring
Ferocious Bite
Glyph of Rejuvenation
Master Shapeshifter
Feral Druid - Black Magic
Leader of the Pack
Cyclone / Faerie Fire

Edited: June 2, 2014
Harleqn May 31, 2014  
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Wild Mushroom crits for less than 160% damage. They should crit for 200% damage like all other spells.


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Agramon June 2, 2014  
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Thread has been updated.

Harleqn June 9, 2014  
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(Balance) Cyclone and Entangling Roots suffer from a 0,5 second pushback on cast time when hit. They should have 70% pushback protection, not suffer from full (0,5) pushback.


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Harleqn June 17, 2014  
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Balance 4p PVP set proccing while in eclipse


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extreme27 3 Weeks Ago  
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Wotlk Balance druid talent [Owlkin frenzy]

Attacks done to you while in Moonkin form have a 15% chance to cause you to go into a frenzy, increasing your damage by 10%, cause you to be immune to pushback while casting Balance spells and restore 2% base mana every 2 sec. Lasts 10 sec.

Bug: 2% base mana is not being restored every 2 sec for 10 sec.

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