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GDivision July 31, 2012  
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<Ghost Division>

We are a High-End European Alliance PvE Raiding Guild.
We have cleared and farmed all the available content in 4.0.6 patch.
Currently clearing all the available 4.3.4 content such as Firelands.


- Level 85, 360+ item level.
- Knowledge of the game. (Must have brains!)
- Ability to communicate in English.
- Must have DBM addon and RaidCall voice chat installed.
- Watched videos or simply knows the basics of every encounter in Firelands.

Raid Schedule:

Wednesday + any other day - 10 man runs.
Tuesday, Thursday - 25 man runs.
Raid starts - 5:30 PM (17:30) Server Time
Raid ends - 9 PM (21:00) Server Time

Recruitment Status: OPENED

If you meet our requirements and raid time fits you then feel free to apply on our website and you might become one of us.

Raid Progress:

N = Normal mode, HC = Heroic mode.

Firelands (10 man):

Beth'tilac: N - cleared (10 man video)
Lord Rhyolith: N - cleared (10 man video)
Shannox: N - cleared (10 man video)
Alysrazor: N - cleared
Baleroc: N - cleared
Majordomo Staghelm: N - cleared
Alysrazor 10 man
Lord Rhyolith 10 man
Shannox 10 man

Blackwing Descent (10 & 25 man):

Magmaw: N - cleared, HC - cleared
Omnotron Defense System: N - cleared, HC - cleared
Maloriak: N - cleared, HC - bugged
Chimaeron: N - cleared, HC - cleared (25 man video)
Atramedes: N - cleared, HC - bugged
Nefarian: N - closed, HC - closed

Atramedes 25 man

Bastion of Twilight (10 & 25 man):

Halfus Wyrmbreaker: N - cleared
Valiona & Theralion: N - cleared
Ascendant Council: N - cleared
Cho'gall: N - cleared (25 man video)
HC: Heroic mode BOT is closed

Cho'gall 25 man

General Goals of the Guild:

Friendly and loyal leadership.
Three active 10 man groups that clear Firelands weekly.
25 man raids every week.
Random events for members to have fun with.

Our Website:

< http://gd-molten.shivtr.com >

Cheers! See you in game.

Edited: July 18, 2013
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Jaggermeist July 31, 2012  
Jaggermeist's Avatar
Did 5/5 BWD and 4/4 BOT in 1 night (20:00-00:00)!! GG guys keep up good work!

Edited: July 31, 2012
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DrunkyFW August 1, 2012  
DrunkyFW's Avatar
you mean bwd 5/6 with chim hc!

Molten Member
pisine August 1, 2012  
pisine's Avatar
nice guild i just made an application hope i get accepted!

Molten Member
Saragas August 1, 2012  
Saragas's Avatar
Im not doin much pve, but its great to see that also new guilds have nice and fast progress on Frostwolf.
GL in the future with realm firsts

Molten Member
Plaguesss August 13, 2012  
Plaguesss's Avatar
Looking for a dedicated fire mage or lock for our 10 man roster

Molten Member
matafix9 August 21, 2012  
matafix9's Avatar
I just made application and im fire mage ^-^!

Molten Member
Jaggermeist August 28, 2012  
Jaggermeist's Avatar
Grp 2 new record! 19:30 - 22:00 Full clear BWD and BOT! gj guys

Molten Member
GDivision September 13, 2012  
GDivision's Avatar
Bump up! Bump up!

Molten Member
Rafiita September 13, 2012  
Rafiita's Avatar
very nice guild!! the best !

Molten Member
Xperiment September 13, 2012  
Xperiment's Avatar
I'm very new guild member and i just want to recommend this guild to others .GL with apps Regards!

Molten Member
GDivision September 14, 2012  
GDivision's Avatar
Cheers guys! Atm need skilled, active PvE Mages, Hunters, Bala Druids with Offspec Resto.

Molten Member
Plaguesss September 15, 2012  
Plaguesss's Avatar
Looking for dedicated balance droods with a resto offspec

Molten Member
Xperiment September 21, 2012  
Xperiment's Avatar
BWD 25 cleared...nice job everyone

Molten Member
Plaguesss September 22, 2012  
Plaguesss's Avatar
Need dedicated resto druids and 1 balance druid or mage fire

Molten Member


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