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iCondemn September 24, 2012  
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Hey guys and girls!

Ok so here is my problem the link to download cataclysm on the main molten home page does not work for me. All it does is download a text file and opens up into code. I know how to run and play WotLK on Mac and know how to do all of that. I just was wondering if anyone else has had this problem or anyone would possibly help me out and post a new link below!

Thanks for your time and for reading this!

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silkjackel1 October 7, 2012  
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You Have to Use a Torrent Downloader with the file. Like Vuze or uTorrent.

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crylox1 April 27, 2013  
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Go to utorrent.com and get the Free Version and you will be able to Download it

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bialamewa May 25, 2013  
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Thanks for the link to download the game

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