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zoezebra September 22, 2013  
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We are an international guild with English speaking people. Our raid times are generally 7 pm server time. With the exception of an alt run. To view specific raid times please see our guild website.

I expect a good attitude from members and especially raiding members. We are always looking for talented and intelligent new members.

We will soon be implementing the dkp system in response to a poll on our website.

GM- Peach - Jane- Deliliah
Co-GM-Alucard - Sygon
Officers: Cokal, Eddiethehead, Ranyx, Krallix, Hitona, Julthor, Bowis
Officers are chosen based on loyalty and attitude.

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Eddiethehead September 24, 2013  
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Progress is:

Icc 10 nm 12/12
Icc 10 hc 10/12
Icc 25 nm 10/12

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zoezebra November 17, 2013  
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We are looking for some new players to add to our guild and raid groups.

I'm looking for intelligent people with good attitudes who are also loyal =D


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moya November 22, 2013  
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We are in need of some fresh faces!!! join us if you are looking for a change.

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Sodder November 26, 2013  
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Posted by moya View Post
We are in need of some fresh faces!!! join us if you are looking for a change.

What classes / specs are you looking for? There are a lot of new people posting in the introduction thread asking about guilds and their needs.

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Magpul November 26, 2013  
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I am interested in Joining this guild. I am some what experienced, I know how to play my class (Resto/Balance Druid). How do I join/ apply?

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zoezebra January 11, 2014  
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Please talk to any officer ingame for a guild invite or ask a member if there is an officer online to talk to as we all have too many alts to list.

We are short ranged dps and tanks atm

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