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Snake May 6, 2013  
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Posted by Marazhu View Post
This thread again?

I can't wait to play MOP myself but I don't make threads "demanding" for molten to release MOP like they owe us.
Remember how long molten finally released Cata? yes... now imagine the same time you'll have to wait to see MOP hit molten.

BTW: I decided to play on retail after the next week. any suggestion of which retail realm I should go?
Pretty much everything is cross-realmed, the only use of high populated realms is more guilds and queue, just pick any medium populated one, you can always inv people from other realms.

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jannys May 6, 2013  
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EU Retail > US Retail , We have Lei Shen World First , and EU top guild METHOD has world first Raden + many more World Firsts from the start of Vanilla till MoP , starting with guilds like : Nihilum , Paragon , SK ,
Ensidia , METHOD. What does the US have :? a VODKA guild that disbaded , and some ******ed Blood Legion guild that took world first on Empress in HoF HC. EU guilds are way better in PvE perspective than US , for PvP i dont know how's it going , tho Outland EU realm has one of the top pvp guilds in the world : GAMESENCE

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NightBurn May 6, 2013  
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Cataclysm requires at least an year of development to get close to the current state of Wrath of the Lich King! Also, the latter is still not 100%(nor it will be) and it needs some more attention from the developers!

Given that, don't expect Mists of Pandaria coming ANY soon!

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Pineconez May 17, 2013  
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as i heard molten is actually working on MoP and people stfu if you think liking mists is a kiddish thing cause it isn't at all

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PokeMac June 3, 2013  
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Posted by genkijs View Post
Mop sux... Dont update MOLTEN TO MOP!
Why should your opinion effect the rest of us?

If they ever release a MoP server no one is going to force you to play it.

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DamnCanadians June 3, 2013  
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It is possible I believe, since there are already a few MoP private servers with that expansion. Never played it, but if they can do it, i believe molten can too

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Skuddy June 3, 2013  
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you won't see mop on molten for at least 2 years. they've said they have no intentions of starting on it until cata realms are in the same working state as wotlk.

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MajorDee June 7, 2013  
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oh you better believe my arms warr is horny thinking about molten mop xDDDDDD

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Antalar June 7, 2013  
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please close this thread is going off topic, or a topic to farm posts

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helzz June 7, 2013  
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Let it live.

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Luciferanger June 14, 2013  
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any one knows a free instant lvl 90 pvp server for mop?

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Sindly June 14, 2013  
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can't we just skip cata and go PANDARIA!

CATA have to much bugs, PANDARIA will have the same amount of bugs, so we should skipp CATA who cares about cata its old already.

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Ross June 14, 2013  
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I personally hope we aren't gonna see Pandaria, not at least any time soon. Having grown fond of Warcraft lore, I was pretty disappointed with this particular expansion, so meh

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Brookie June 14, 2013  
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Posted by Sindly View Post
can't we just skip cata and go PANDARIA!

CATA have to much bugs, PANDARIA will have the same amount of bugs, so we should skipp CATA who cares about cata its old already.
People want to experience playing on that expansion.. "Let's skip WoTLK and go straight to Cataclysm".

Terrible idea

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Raew June 14, 2013  
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I am sure, molten will upgrade to MoP, they will not stuck on Cata 4ever, but we will not see it this, or next year. Cata will get fixed, butbecome boring and retro, and MoP, here we go. Time when 6.x.x. patch is released

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